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A Total Link Building Guide for SEO That Penguin Like

A total link building guide for SEO  helps you with your link building. I am just writing this to you with the help of Google algorithm Penguin which last updated in March 2016.

Hyperlink building is the maximum crucial (and tough) SEO talent. Surely, it’s a culmination of several specific talents: you want to master content creation, income, programming, psychology, and precise old skool advertising and marketing if you need other humans to always link to your website.

Are you thinking about your site? What does the process become #1 in google ranking?

The two answers come from Google’s Search Quality Senior Strategist said the first two ranking factors were Contents and Links.
Linking is referred to link pages internally or externally. Link Building is two types one is Internal Linking and another is External Linking.
Can a website rank without a link?
Definitely, the answer is NO.
So, why do that? Continue reading

Alamin Molla | An Auto Biography

Alamin Molla is a name of a very simple person like me. I’m honest and sincere about my daily life. I am a hard worker. I believe in almighty Allah who created us. I like the natural world because it is full of joys and very charming.


My Birth Place:

Within the year 1984, I born at Badarganj in Rangpur District. This is situated on the northern side of Bangladesh. Generally, people called it North Bengal. The people of north Bengal are very simple and honest. They love their home ground very much. Because of their hospitality, they are isolated from each other.

My Childhood:

First of all, In my very boyhood, I went to town from village. My father’s name is Md. Akmol Hossain Molla and Mother’s name is Mrs. Anowara Begum. I have nine brothers and three sisters. Continue reading

How to Configure a Router with Easy Techniques

How to configure a router? A big headache for a newcomer. I just easily do it for tension free. Before starting the process, we have to learn about the router. In a single word, A router is a networking device. Comfortably, it is used to forwards data packets along networks. Routers perform the traffic or user to directing functions on the Internet. The router reads the data packet first. Then send it to the destination end. Routers are generally used in Home, Office and any other playground.

Here you see the image of two routers.


configure a router

Configure a Router

configure a router

Configure a Router




                                      Configure a Router

We configure a router to communicate with other network components. The steps are given below: Continue reading