How to Learn SEO with short Techniques

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Learn SEO with short Techniques to improve ranking the website. The abbreviate form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Search engines are programs search documents for specified keywords and returns a list of the documents where the keywords were found.
The most well known and favorite search engine is google. You get more search engine name from the following web address: For your kind information now I express about types of SEO.

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Learn SEO with techniques

You have learn SEO mainly of it two types- one is paid SEO and another is Organic SEO. Paid SEO means it is paid version like Google Adword. Organic SEO means the SEO which we generally make from our site i.e control panel and from Backlinks.
Which we done from Control Panel generally known as On Page SEO and which done from Backlinks, social Media and so on known as Off Page SEO.Now the question is that why we do SEO? The answer is for better rank. We can do SEO for our own business.

Learn SEO with short Techniques:

For on page SEO you must have maintain the following rules:
1. Title: Chose a better title which contain keyword first. The length should be within 65 characters and the pixel in 512.
2. Url/permalink: You must chose better permalink as same as title(main keyword).
3. Meta Description: In meta description you must use your keyword first then write uniquely within 150 characters.
Learn SEO for Content: Now you make a content for your keyword which minimum of 300 words.Content is called king. So, you should careful about it.A good content contains minimum 3000 words. You can use keyword 3 or 5 times in a article. You must maintain your keyword prominence.

Use Internal and External Links as necessary. Internal links are do follow and external links are no follow and also set open in a new tab. This is because audience can help you to stay on your page also. If you rank your site you have to  to know best SEO tips first.