A Total Link Building Guide for SEO That Penguin Like

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(Last Updated On: February 7, 2019)

A total link building guide for SEO  helps you with your link building. I am just writing this to you with the help of Google algorithm Penguin which last updated in March 2016.

Hyperlink building is the maximum crucial (and tough) SEO talent. Surely, it’s a culmination of several specific talents: you want to master content creation, income, programming, psychology, and precise old skool advertising and marketing if you need other humans to always link to your website.

Are you thinking about your site? What does the process become #1 in google ranking?

The two answers come from Google’s Search Quality Senior Strategist said the first two ranking factors were Contents and Links.
Linking is referred to link pages internally or externally. Link Building is two types one is Internal Linking and another is External Linking.
Can a website rank without a link?
Definitely, the answer is NO.
So, why do that?
1. Links are Google’s number one ranking factor.
2. Links are the web.
3. Links point to great content.
4. It transfers power.
5. it transfers trust.
6. it’s through links that Google discover your website.

First of all, I give you an example. If go to a new place what is the way to go there. The direction or way to go from one place to another is a link. So, links are the streets between pages. But you must bear in mind that the page should be relevant. Links treated as a vote for popularity and importance of the page.

Link Building Fundamentals

If you’re new to SEO – these sources will help you get your campaigns off on the right foot. In this chapter you will be able to build a campaign from the floor up and the “winning mindset” for SEO achievement.

For search engines like google that move slowly the massive metropolis of the internet, hyperlinks are the streets between pages. Using state-of-the-art link analysis, the engines can find out how pages are related to every other and in what methods.

For the reason that overdue Nineties SERPs have treated links as votes for popularity and significance in the ongoing democratic opinion ballot on the web. The engines themselves have delicate the usage of link information to a pleasant artwork and use complex algorithms to carry out nuanced critiques of sites and pages based on this record.

Hyperlink Alerts

Used by search engines like Google and Yahoo

How do search engines assign a value to hyperlinks? To reply this, we need to explore the person elements of a hyperlink and observe how the search engines like google and yahoo verify those elements. We don’t completely apprehend the proprietary metrics that engines like google use, but through analysis of patent applications, years of revel in, and fingers-on checking out, we are able to draw some intelligent assumptions that preserve up inside the actual international. Beneath is a listing of extraordinary factors worth of attention. Those signals and many extra are considered with the aid of expert SEOs whilst measuring link cost and a domain’s hyperlink profile. You can also enjoy a few further on the Moz blog analyzing about Search Engine Valuation of links.

Global Recognition

The more popular and critical a site is, the greater links from that website be counted. A website like Wikipedia has thousands of various websites linking to it, which means it’s in all likelihood a famous and essential site. To earn agree with and authority with the engines, you may need the help of different hyperlink partners. The greater popular, the higher.

Here I describe a total link building guide for SEO.

What is the right way about links?
There is a proverb “The more, the better”. It is not the right way for link building. Fewer high-quality links are better rather than a thousand links that bring no value for your backlink profile. Weak or risky backlink is a reason for Google penalty and severe loss of organic traffic.
Not to do- link anchor text to keyword heavily.
A good backlink profile contains a wide variety of links- including home page links, sub-page links, link with “click here”, link with a keyword, contextual links, link with the brand name as anchor text. Links should be natural. That is the link come from a related website that the site should be the same type or keyword or niche.

About Google’s toolbar Pagerank

In March 2016, Google has officially confirmed removing the Toolbar Page rank. Now it is just a useless SEO metric.
Discover great link building opportunities for your site.


  1. Find out competitor’s common backlinks
    Obviously, you have to research your competitors and find out some backlinks are common which you do not. Now, think just if they manage to get these backlinks why you not. The Common Backlinks Tools (CBLT) is a tool that is specially made for check it.
    To do so just thinking about a good link and a bad link.
  2. Find out strongest competitor’s healthy backlinks
    Google search console i.e Webmaster like strong and healthy backlinks. Use Link Detox (DTOX) find for specific competitors and competitive link detox (CDTOX) to compare your website against 10 of your competitors from linkresearchtools.com site.
    3. Discover most relevant link building opportunity
    Opportunities for link building on the Internet is not so easy task. Though there have many platforms like- forums, blogs, sites such as Reddit, Quora, Yahoo Answer etc. But remember, SERP think about you that these are the relevant and high authorities.
  3. Do you think, your competitor indirectly links to you?

Some of your competitors have authorities. Wikipedia, news portals and especially relevant, high-value sites might not want to link your site directly. But using the common outbound link method helps you to get their trust also.

Outbound link method is another technique for finding out when users click a link to leave your site.

In addition to, Some other features of backlinks are an incoming link, an inbound link, link, inward link, etc.

In fact, from the above description, I am happy to describe a total link building guide for SEO.


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