On Page SEO Techniques in 2019: A Short Checklist

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(Last Updated On: February 7, 2019)

In this article, you get a brief guide on On page SEO techniques that help you to boost your traffic and increase your site position in Google. To make it easy we make a short checklist for you. You need to know it urgent.

On Page SEO Techniques in 2019


Must use the good trend keyword and that has a good search volume.


This is the first option to create an article. Whenever you go to your WordPress Dashboard, you have to enter the Title first. Then click save a draft and do other SEO next.

Try to use the Keyword first in the title or any other suitable places.

Meta Description:

This is another main topic that must be filled up because when you find the top 10 blog list after a search on Google, you see the Title, URL and Meta Description.

Try to use the keyword here for 1 time.

So, write a meaningful and informative Meta description is very crucial.

People read your Title and Meta first then he/she decides to go the link.

First 100 Words:

Yoast Plugins suggest you use the keyword in the first paragraph. It is important if not possible to write the keyword in the first 100 words.

H2 tags:

Use your keyword to in any sub-headings if possible H2 tags.

Responsive design:

Use responsive design as it shows the same size in Laptop/Desktop, Tablet or Mobile.

Outbound Links:

Try to use a minimum one outbound link that helps Google to identify what’s your topic about. This is a White Hat SEO strategy.

Internal Links:

It sends the Google bot to your own website pages and increases the Crawl rates. Use minimum 2-3 internal links per post.

Boost Site Speed:

This is very important and you must try to load your site within 4 seconds.

Use LSI Keywords:

It is better to use LSI rather than exact match keywords. In a post, generally, you use the exact match keyword in Title, Meta, First 100 Words, One H2/H3, and The Final Words.

But in the total article, you have to use the LSI and you will get good results.

Image Optimization:

It needs to optimize your image. For doing it just saved the image in the name of the keyword. Then use alt text in that name.

If more images use in one article just use exact keyword name in one image, LSI in other images.


Try to use minimum one Video in your article but not so long. It holds your traffic more and increases the session duration.


Content-length is a variable option and you must write a minimum of 1000 words per post and it gives you more result. Also, check the competitor’s content size and their ranks.

You just click the links for knowing more about how to learn SEO and more.

Final Words about On Page SEO Techniques

After a research from the market of the present on page SEO techniques Strategy and Google updates, I think this will be helpful for you. You can learn more about SEO types and tricks here.


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