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Best SEO Tips for Beginner is normally find those of the people who are very agreed to performs their job in SEO field. Here I would like to describe such types of tips which are generally performs best to boost one’s site for search engine ranking.

Best SEO Tips for Beginner are describe here

The main 5 features are following below:

  1. Content: Content is King. So, minimum length of a content is near about 1000 plus words. The main focus keyword contains at least 2500 words.
  2. Image: The content consists minimum one image. Search engine like it for ranking. Almost we know an image gives more information than a thousand words. In image confirm the alt text attribute.
  3. Lower Competitive Keyword: To find lower competitive keyword is very important because it helps you to rank it easily. You must have research keyword that is very much relevant to your NICHE. This type of keyword increase your traffic.
    best seo tips for beginner

    Best SEO tips for Beginner

  4. Lucrative Keywords with high volume monthly search: To build a handsome search traffic you have to try and rank for keywords that have monthly solid search volume in the targeted country.
  5. Group Similar Keywords: The group of keywords means basically the same thing. For example: your keyword is “guest posting”. You write about it. The another keyword is “guest blogging”. Both of them are same. So, you choose the most targeted keyword for the future end.

Next 5 features are:

  1. Upcoming Keywords: Lookout for upcoming keywords or trending keywords which search volume rising day by day. For solve this purpose google trend is the best way.
  2. Find cool keywords from google related searches: When you search a keyword from google, you can get better help from google related searches which are showing below. For this issue I insert an image for you.
    best seo tips for beginner

    Google related Search

    8. One Main keyword for each page: Ideally, each page contain one main keyword. It is better to avoid same keyword in multiple pages. Otherwise Google will pick one for rank.

    9. Pillar Article and SEO: Generally, a pillar article is longer than 2000 words. It is not fixed 2000 but greater than 2000. Day by day the total number of pillar article increase with numbers and words. Often, the main 1 pillar article greater than 4000 words also. This is the miracle of online world. There is no limit here. You have to fight always. So, patience is the master here.

    10. Research Your Article: You can achieved ideas and materials from

•    libraries
•    first page of Google search results
•    forums
•    vbulletin
•    Article directories

Next another feature is:

        11. Go and get links: You have to try to get links from another website. But the system is must from the same niche site ans same types of content. Otherwise, Google can penalize for it.

Finally, I can say this is the total process of Best SEO Tips for Beginner.